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Soner-realty, Moscow real estate agency provides an entire spectrum of realty services in the sphere of property appraisal. Real estate appraisal service is considered as Peer review and Certificated appraisal. Soner-realty real estate experts will give you a free initial consultation and free real estate appraisal.
We accomplish independent peer review of real estate objects.
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Certificated appraisal is accomplished by certificated brokers with grant of documents confirming cost of appraising property to different institutions.
At present time professional independent real estate appraisal remains one of the most relevant forms of appraising activity, as long as real estate is one of the most important assets – both for the companies and natural persons. It enclose real estate object cost calculation or separate rights on it – for example rent or use.
Frequently property cost is obvious for its owners or possible buyers, but after carrying out an independent appraisal it can be significantly modified.  To determine real value, professional real estate appraisal is carrying out.
Appraisal can be necessary in case of registration of pledge for getting a loan in financial establishment, registration of purchase and sale contract, gift certificate, demise and other operations with an object. Appraisal is also necessary at making a contract of apartment or house insurance, for investment planning and other purposes.
Real estate appraisal results can also be attached to court examination and property disputes (division of property legal and natural persons), at determination of non-monetary deposit in authorized capital of organizations, optimization of taxation, construction project selling, real estate objects reconstruction, business planning.
During real estate appraisal our brokers use methods based on comparative analysis and building costs definition. Comparative approach can give the most objective pattern.  At carrying out researches in accordance with given methodology, several tens of factors capable of affecting the land, apartments, house, or building  price,  are taken into account. Among them are function of the apartment, spot, physical characteristics of an object and other nuances.  We take into consideration information of the prices of the transactions with similar characteristic objects.  The appraisal can be also carried out in accordance with profitable approach, which reflects the motivation of representative customer of the profitable property – expected feature profit.

Strategy of appraisal

Profitable approach
Profitable approach is a total of estimation methods of real estate objects, based on determination of expected profit from appraisal object. Profitable approach is based on supposition that the real estate object value equals current value of future profit from possession real estate object.
Comparative approach
Comparative approach is a total of estimation methods of real estate objects, is based on the comparison of estimation objects with similar real estate objects in relation to which there is information about the transaction prices. Comparative approach is based on substitutional principle which says that the purchaser won’t pay for the object the price, bigger than other purchasers pay for similar real estate objects, and the vendor won’t sell the real estate object for the price, lesser than the other vendors get for similar real estate objects. This approach is based on picking-up the information about the prices for the real estate transactions in the market.
Hang-the-expense approach
Hang-the-expense approach is a total of estimation methods of real estate objects, based on definition of the expenses, required for reconstruction or substitution of real estate object, taking into account its deterioration. The strategy of the hang-the-expense approach is based on calculation of reproduction (substitution) cost of reproducing kinds of the assets to which land plots are not related.
Hang-the-expense approach units can be used at the calculation of the expenses of the improvement in the context of the other approaches to the land appraisal.
Our company uses for the real estate objects appraisal all above mentioned methods and approaches. At that we guarantee the objectivity of the research, timely accordance of the report and observance of the contract.
According to the requirements of Federal valuation standards, the broker during the realization of the appraisal bound to use (or support renunciation of using) three primary approaches to the appraisal: profitable, comparative, and hang-the-expense approaches. At that broker has a right to define independently, in the context of each of the approaches, concrete real estate appraisal methods.

Real estate agency SONER realty is also carries out following estimating services:
•   Lea liquidity determination
•   Determination of deterioration and condition of the property
•   Market value of the property determination
•    Determination of possible realization price of the given property and article of trade on the moment of finishing of crediting period.
•    Estimation of the pawn with a corresponding discount for determination of possible granting credit.
•    Determination of price and conditions of realization of pawned property in the case of no response credit.
The result of the research is a detailed conclusion in the form of report with corresponding references. Appraisal report in spite of determined by law aspects can contain:
•    Calculation liquidation price of the real estate object (taking into account deadline of forced selling, dismantling expenses, securing of the pawn object, expenditure for handling of levy and realization, hazard of investment of such kinds of assets.
•    Calculation of the pawn value diminution during crediting period, caused by exploitation (reasoning both from charging bookkeeper amortization and real loss of value)

Generally, SONER realty real estate agency in Moscow provides wide range of services in the sphere of valuation, viz executes:
•    Building, development appraisal (including incomplete building, land plots)
•    Engine and equipment appraisal (including contribution link)
•    Rental valuation
•    Business valuation, including stock valuation
•    Intellectual property appraisal (including patents, licenses, trademarks, brands, etc.)
•    Demand rights valuation (including accounts receivable)
•    Investment projects appraisal
•    Production cost appraisal
•    Inventory
•    Revaluation and others