SONER realty - Property management

Property Management is by far the most effective tool for operation process of the object optimizing. This is achieved by providing clients for the best composition and quality of services. The main segments of SONER realty activity is the management of office and retail property. In the first place in the development of complex property management services, company experts analyze directly the object and customer needs, then they form a plan of the object management and development, based on which the most effective solutions for the operation are produced.


SONER realty services:

  • A plan for retaining and attracting tenants developing;
  • Search for new tenants;
  • Planning and organizing the necessary service activities of property management;
  • A marketing campaign conducting (the development of advertising campaigns, presentation of the object creation, advertising in print and electronic media, databases, mailing to customer base);
  • Coordination of staff;
  • Organization of property support manning;
  • Organization of tenants support manning;
  • Planning and control of revenue;
  • Forming a plan of additional revenue;
  • A package of documents required for the deal preparing;
  • Legal support.