SONER realty - Research

SONER realty provides such services as conducting market research of real estate using different methods (armchair research, polling, focus groups, hall-tests, profound/expert interviews, field research, etc.), marketing audit, research and analysis of competitive environment, buying and consumption behavior features research, advertising concepts testing, etc. These studies, as well as the recommendations proposed by the experts, give the opportunity to review the draft, based on the current and forecast market conditions, and reduce project risks.


SONER realty services:

  • General analysis of the real estate market;
  • Research of a separate segment of the real estate market;
  • Overview of the market situation;
  • Description of the market segment;
  • Analysis of existing proposals;
  • Demand analysis (structure and dynamics of demand);
  • A portrait of the consumer developing: consumer segmentation, analysis of socio-demographic indicators, analysis of consumer preferences;
  • Analysis of supply and demand compliance;
  • Evaluation of investment attractiveness of the segment of the real estate, of the project.