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Initial legal consultation and real estate appraisal is FREE OF CHARGE
Moscow real estate agency provides wide range of services  in legal support of real estate transaction (apartments, country real estate, land plots) in Moscow, the Moscow Area and abroad. Taking into account the complexity and ambiguity of Russian and foreign legislative base and legal practice in the sphere of real estate, the service becomes more and more relevant. In this case the qualified help of the practicing lawyer is required. The association with the lawyers of our real estate agency will allow you not only efficiently react to the questions, requiring professional legal decision, but significantly   reduce the risks at the expense of diagnostics of problem question on early stages of their appearance.

Legal support of real estate transactions is a system of operations and procedures from legal purity control to getting property ownership certificate in Moscow, the Moscow Area and abroad: in Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, France [m], Montenegro.The purpose of the lawyer of our agency SONER realty, who carries out legal support of real estate transactions, is to assume the inevitable problems associated with the purchase or sale of property, minimizing expenses of the client and preserving from possible troubles.
Only a qualified lawyer will give a consultation about possible consequences in the case of transaction, study all information about previous transitions of ownership of a particular real estate object, starting from the moment of primary registration. Sometimes this work takes a lot of time, because of the complexity of restoring of the prehistory of a particular object.
In legal support of real estate transactions are also included contacts and cooperation with different public authorities, concerning real estate questions, questions of building and investment activity.

SONER realty services:
•   Housing disputes legal support;
•   Land disputes legal support;
•   Inheritance cases legal support;
•   The lawsuit preparation to the court legal support;
•   Arbitrage legal support;
•   Contracts expertise and preparing
Turning to the lawyers of SONER realty real estate agency you’ll get:
•   Legal advice in all questions, concerning residential, commercial and foreign  real estate;
•   Complex legal support of residential, commercial and foreign real estate transactions and also transactions of business sale, from primary negotiations to public registration of ownership;
•   Assistance in the solution of complicated property questions;
•   Prejudicial regulation of disputes concerned with protection of residential, commercial and foreign  real estate ownership;
•   Participation in working out of optimization scheme of residential, commercial and foreign real estate use and conversion of a company
•   Legal examination of the existing business concerned with the use of real estate; and recommendations to the purchaser of residential, commercial  and foreign  real estate in lowering of legal hazards.
•   Contracts preparation, legal auditing of the existing contracts and advising in its optimization.
•   Legal support of the transactions with residential, commercial and foreign  real estate – creating of the plan of the deal, which allows to achieve a desirable business result, keep the balance  of interests of the partners, taking into account the peculiarities of mutual settlement.
The participation of the lawyer, so called, legal support of the transactions, during all stages of the transaction, allows to reveal all disputable and potentially dangerous moments of the transactions, suggest to the client all ways of decision and regulate a whole complex between the parts of the transactions from the stage of making a decision of a purchase of the property to property transfer.
The principal stages of transaction preparation are:
•   The research of the object characteristics for the purposes of registration, which includes the analysis of technical information of the property and appraisal of the consequences of discordance of the record parameters of real estate with establishing documents;
•   The analysis of the reasons of the ownership appearance of the vendor;
•   The analysis of overloading of the property and their negative consequences
•   The research of the problems of land relations at purchasing houses, villas, buildings, developments and lodgments etc.