SONER realty - Selecting a mortgage program

Mortgage programs of different Russian and foreign banks and financial organizations allow us to get property  without waiting for a long time for accumulation of a particular sum of money. The world financial crisis has brought corrections in the level of the bank rate, securing mortgage credit, but at present time market experts note stabilization and reduction of credit rates.
•      The banks have special programs for SONER realty;
•      The documents are sent without your presence to several banks
•      Fast consideration
•      We select the best for you
With a great amount of modern advertisement about the lightness of getting the credit it seems that there are no problems in getting this money.  However, in practice the overall picture for a simple inhabitant, even after visiting the bank, either generalized or rather vague.
For some sort of clearness, it’s necessary to pass several banks, realize the essence of each program of the suggested product and define the very program that is acceptable for you. Sure, these programs can be studied with the help of the banks sites, but practically, at personal consultation, in each bank you’ll face the nuances and additional demands, arising at your specific situation.  If you are inquisitive person and you have a lot of time - this is your variant. But what if you have already applied to several banks got the refusal and can’t understand why don’t the banks want to see you among their borrowers? To save time and money there is another way.
Nowadays all banks collaborate with real estate agencies, and carry out trainings for their employees, concerning their products. The plan is simple: the bank, without spending superfluous recourses on personnel, gives a consultation concerning its products to its potential clients by way of experienced brokers, but as the last ones take money for their services, the bank compensates it by giving preferences i.e. discounts on percentage rates for a particular client.
Profit: Without spending time and money, you get an opinion and an opportunity to approve your credit line in several banks at once and, at the same time, bring your documents to the broker only, without looking for a better share.
After the approval, you make the most acceptable choice. Thus addressing to a mortgage broker SONER realty, you could open a credit line in several banks at once and get a free consultation in picking up of the real estate itself. Moreover, using the preferences of SONER realty of partner banks, you will get your credit cheaper (in a lower rate or without extra commission) and even taking into account real estate agency commission. The amount saved on the bank’s rate will be quite impressive.
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SONER realty services:
•      Mortgage program selection
•      Negotiations with the bank
•      Documents preparation and transmission to the Bank;
•      Selecting of Russian and foreign property [6] (in accordance with the requirements of the Bank and the client's request).