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SONER realty, Moscow real estate agency provides an entire spectrum of services of renting houses, apartments, land plots, country real estate in Moscow  and the Moscow Area, foreign real estate (Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, France, Montenegro) on profitable conditions. If you want to rent a real estate object: apartments, house, office, warehouse in Moscow and the Moscow area, regions of Russia, or abroad, which corresponds to your requirements, or you want to have a secure permanent income but don’t know how to put into practice – Soner-realty real estate agents will help you to solve your problems. Our experts, specializing in luxury real estate will help you to lease luxury apartments, penthouse in Moscow.

We guarantee confidentiality and complete understanding of tasks that our clients have to face with.
SONER realty real estate agency services
•    Rental services for all types of real estate (city, country, commercial, land, etc.);
•    Requirements for an object planned to rent identification;
•    Property for rent selection in accordance with all the buyer’s requirements (location, area, specific characteristics, infrastructure, district, etc.);
•    Property legal and technical audit;
•    Property demonstration;
•    Reaching agreement on flexible lease terms with the owner;
•    Marketing campaign conducting (advertising campaign development, an object presentation creation, advertising in print and electronic media, databases, mailing to customer base);
•    Documents for a deal preparing;
•    Legal support;
•    Custody consulting (searching for logistics operators, tenders for logistics service providers);
•    Tenant searching and attracting (including anchor tenants).

Office lease
SONER realty real estate agents will determine requirements for office space
Our brokers will identify your requirements for office space, choose several variants of offices in the optimal time, will present them in a convenient time, conduct legal and technical audits, as well as coordinate the contract between the client and the lessor. In our proposals we consider everything that corresponds with the definition of «comfortable office»: good accessibility, modern renovation, central conditioning system, fire and security systems, convenient parking area, the availability of infrastructure, flexible rental conditions.

SONER realty constantly is expanding base of proposals for the sale and lease of warehouses in Moscow and regions. Selecting a warehouse company’s brokers take into account factors affecting the quality of warehouse space: location, warehouse area and the opportunity to lease additional space if necessary, convenient entrance for cars and heavy trucks, the distance from the motorway, the technical condition and equipment, the cost of rent, opportunities for cargo handling, etc.

Custody Consulting
SONER realty offers its clients a full range of consulting services  in the area of custody: the search for logistics operators, tenders for logistics service providers.

Trading Spaces
SONER realty provides services in the lease and sale of spaces in existing and under construction shopping and entertainment complexes. The company works with both owners and tenants of objects. SONER realty also offers consulting services  in the promotion of trade and entertainment to attract anchor tenants - the world's biggest brands.