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Soner-realty, Moscow real estate agency provides services in investment consulting in Russia and abroad: in Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, France, Montenegro.

SONER realty real estate brokers have an experience in the sphere of valuation of the investment attraction of more than 60 projects, constantly enlarging extensive database and using different analytical systems. Our work helps to reduce project hazards including hazards before its realization.

We guarantee confidentiality and complete understanding of tasks that our clients have to face with.

Real estate has always been the most reliable way of investment. Investing in the real estate you will always be confident of tomorrow. Investment consulting - is a system of measures, stimulating in a long term attraction of the investment of different types and forms, directed to making the company attractive for all investors.

SONER realty services:
•    Russian and foreign (Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, France, Montenegro). real estate markets research;
•    Individual policy  real estate investment (individual objects, portfolio investment) developing;
•    Investment object appraisal;
•    The most effective use of an investment analysis;
•    The analysis of the most efficient use of the investment;
•    The appraisal of the effectiveness of the investment in a particular group of property with the use of statistic and dynamic methods;
•    The searching of the best real estate object to invest;
•    Investment memoranda development;
•    Russian and foreign investments  mobilization in the development projects, etc.


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