Our competence

SONER realty representative office in Germany provides services in buying, selling and renting of commercial, city and country property in Germany. Partnerships with leading German banks, design and construction companies can provide credit services for the buyer and an object restoration cervices.



Real estate in Germany attracts potential Russian buyers to its stable and predictable value increase of the acquired assets.

What kind of estate are most in demand? Flats, apartments and, of course, patrimony estates and villas of incredible beauty. Geography of the popular property is very wide - both Baden-Baden resort and the most powerful business centers in Germany - Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig and others. Future Russian proprietor in Germany can be sure: his property will be "work" always. With the continued flow of persons fishing to leave on permanent residence in Germany, get an education or do business virtually there is no difficulty to lease or sell the existing object. In this case not only a compatriot, but also any citizen of Europe or America can be a buyer.

Property prices in Germany vary from region to region. Cost per square meter in the region depends on many factors: the presence of world's major companies offices, the popularity and prestige of the resort or elite of a given area. The cost for 1 square meter in the most expensive city in Germany - Munich (the capital of Bavaria) in early 2008 ranged from 3.7 thousand to 13 thousand euro. At present, despite the global financial crisis, the real estate market in Germany is considered one of the most stable in Europe.