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SONER realty provides services in buying, selling and renting of commercial, city and country property in Montenegro. We provide essential support and care about the search, examination, acquisition of an object and maintenance services. Our partnership with financial, project and construction companies can provide credit services for the buyer and restoration cervices of an object


34143.jpgProperty in Montenegro is popular among Russians for the same reasons that real estate in Croatia - the country's favorable climate, affordable prices and cultural proximity. Among the foreign buyers Montenegro is popular for the British, Austrians, Germans and Swiss.
For Russian buyers one of the main indicators for housing options in a warm country is proximity to the sea of house or an apartment. For Montenegro, it is also true, more that the Russians appreciate the possibility of individual decoration at home (which is one of the reasons for the preferences of the objects of the secondary housing market) and large houses adjoining areas. The Europeans, for whom the prestige of real estate is not as important as choosing accommodation in accordance with your favorite type of activity. Thus, Europeans are willing to buy properties, not only by the sea, but in the mountains near the ski resorts.


9888.jpgPrimary real estate market of Montenegro offers many different types of real estate. New homes are built very quickly - just for 1 year. Wealthier buyers purchase houses on the beach - on the first line from the sea. Also the important detail is the presence of a large plot of land on which can be build another building later. Luxury Real Estate is also available in Montenegro, and is essentially a new homes and apartments, rather than old buildings.
Russian buyers prefer property on the Adriatic Sea, near Budva, Kotor Bay, Bar. Regarding the last one, the most popular areas in the city among the Russians are Shushan, Sutomore suburb, Dobry Vody, Utehe. In the south of the country's real estate prices are lower, but demand is lower too than in other regions of the country - primarily because of the existing linguistic and religious barriers between the Russian and Albanian foreign buyers.

Recently, the demand for objects located near the ski resortsis rising. While it was hampered by the slow pace of infrastructure development and communication of these regions, however, given the impending accession of Montenegro into the European Union, we can expect a quick jump in the development of these areas and a corresponding increase in prices. The property prices in Montenegro are dependent on the location and class of accommodation. A square meter in homes and apartments near the sea are approximately equal to 2-4 euros. When approaching the shore, the cost rises to 6.5 euros. As for real estate in the mountains, there the price drops to 1,3-3 thousand euros. Luxury Real Estate in Montenegro, which was above the standard construction of a similar class in Bulgaria, in the prestigious suburb of Budva can cost about 5 thousand euros per square meter.

2323555.jpgIn Montenegro, there is an annual real estate tax (0,08-0,8% of the cadastral value of the object). The larger area of the house, so, consequently, higher taxes, for a flat of 80 square meters, for example, the owner will be required to pay 200 euros a year.