Our competence

SONER realty provides services in buying, selling and renting of commercial, city and country property in Croatia. We provide essential support and care about the search, examination, acquisition of an object and maintenance services. Our partnership with financial, project and construction companies can provide credit services for the buyer and restoration cervices of an object.



Croatia is considered as one of the most beautiful country in the world. Wonderful nature, rich history, fascinating sightseeing program with the possibility of visa-free visits to Italy, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina - all these facts make this country a desirable destination not only as a recreation centre, but also as a place for living. The most popular type of property in Croatia is the apartments on the beach, which are suitable as a seasonal residence for the owner and an object for leasing during the time the house is not in use.


67000.jpgAlso, the popularity of small private villas with private pools is increase permanently, and usually such objects are united in residential complexes, which have their own name, constructed in a unified style (mostly Mediterranean) and approximately the same in planning solution, their area is ranging from 150 to 250 sq. meters. Villages with these villas are usually located at some distance from the Adriatic coast and, thus, lose an important advantage, which is essential for the Russian buyer - closeness to the beach.  Nevertheless, among the buyers from other countries - such as Britain and Ireland - the distance to the shore is not so essential.Russian customers traditionally prefer real estate on the Adriatic coast. Some of the owners at the expense of further lease of purchased property covered their maintenance costs. If the Russians are investing in the Croatian property or land, for this purpose it is usually used agricultural areas. On this land (which value typically is 10-15 times less than the land for the building) it is still possible to build at a rate of 5% to 25% of the territory, but only on condition that the owner is engaged in agriculture, otherwise the owner would be forced to pay tax for non-use of land for its purpose.
Russian citizens and legal entities have no right to acquire the property in Croatia directly to its name. In accordance to current legislation, to avoid this problem, you can establish a Croatian legal entity and register the property right for this entity. If the buyer is the owner of a company registered in this country, which has a reciprocity agreement with Croatia, he could register the property for the name of this company.
In addition, foreign buyers are not allowed to purchase real estate for mortgages. However, foreign citizens can demise the property in Croatia, and inherit legislation is common for both foreign residents and Croatia citizens.