Our competence

SONER realty provides services in buying, selling and renting of commercial, city and country property in Turkey. We provide support and care about the search, examination and acquisition of an object and maintenance services. Partnerships with financial, project and construction companies can provide credit services for the buyer and restoration cervices of an object.



Turkey has opened its property market to foreign buyers in the same year as another important player in this sector - Dubai. This happened back in 2003. Over the past few years there were many changes. Turkish property now is the growing segment, offering for its customers a wide choice of objects - from the economy to a truly luxurious.


 General information

Turkish property is popular for the Russians and Western Europeans - primarily for German, English, Dutch. The most common purpose of property buying - is a rest. The main criteria for site selection are location, category, infrastructure development and closeness to the sea and places of recreation and entertainment. Russian buyers are also considering the house acquisition in Turkey as an opportunity to emigrate - a transaction is the basis for obtaining a residence permit, and after 5 years of residency can apply for citizenship. In consideration with low prices in compare with European and growing standard of living, Turkey is attracting country for new customers.


TurkeyTemple.jpgAmong the Russian citizens looking for a Turkish property primarily as a seasonal home, popular areas of the country are Antalya, Kemer, Alanya, Belek. Among the business centers Bodrum and Istanbul should be noted. Europeans prefer  Marmaris, Fethiye and Istanbul - in these places real estate prices much more higher than in Belek and Alanya, and basically houses or commercial property are possible to buy only through the secondary market.

Price per square meter in Turkey ranges from 500 to 3500 Euro. In 2009, the property prices growth in Turkey stopped. Despite this, experts predict the continued interest to the objects in the major cities and in resort areas. Customers, who count on the fact that the lease will allow them to return money spent on the purchase, can let on lease their homes further more. Cost of the object depends of many features, in addition to the infrastructure development and closeness to the sea, it will also include location (real estate in talked-up resort towns will be significantly more expensive than real estate in little known places) and used materials of construction.

villa-sale-turkey.jpgWhen buying property in Turkey should be aware of some limitations. Foreign citizens are forbidden to purchase real estate in the countryside, land plots and the facilities in war zones and security zones. For the registration procedure of the transaction a residence permit (available on a fee basis) is also required.