SONER realty in conjunction with the famous Russian architect - Ivan Shalmin, author of many unique projects in Russia and abroad, offers a variety of services in the field of architecture, engineering and construction.


  • Property selection (land, house, apartment, office building, etc.) for further renovation or construction;
  • Property appraisal and legal audit;
  • The buyer’s interests representing (the negotiation, preparing of the documentation package);
  • Deal implementation (legal and financial support);
  • Design of houses, office buildings, shops, townhouses, cottage villages, redevelopment of apartments, offices, retail and warehouse spaces, interiors;
  • Interior decoration;
  • Supervision;
  • Architectural support for the project;
  • Furnishings;
  • Project management;
  • The customer's interests representing in the drafting of other organizations.

677889900.jpgIvan Petrovich Shalmin graduated from Novosibirsk Civil Engineering Institute, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning in 1982. Starting with the practice with Alexei Guntova in the Division of prospective urban planning studies, Ivan Petrovich Shalmin came a long way to independent creativity. Among his achievements there are participating in the feasibility study of the General plan of Moscow, creation and realization of estate objects in Russia and abroad, winning in a variety of Russian and international contests. The architect works in a style that he defines as “laconism”. He assigns the primary importance to the required sufficiency, which becomes the central core of each new project. Discarding excess, preventing the emergence of a clear image of the object, Ivan Shalmin achieves the elegant brevity, which gave the name of the author's style. Ivan Shalmin is also involved in the design and creation of copyright luminous sources and furniture, which are made by individual design and used in its projects interior. Many authors' findings are unique and earned him first places in the exhibition contests.

Joining a team of SONER realty professionals with architect Ivan Shalmin, we give you the opportunity to obtain not only high quality estate, but also the object of art, embodied in every detail of the interior.

By Ivan Shalmin:

•   "Propylaea'' project

   "Smolenka" project  - Apartment on Smolenskaya Embankment

•   "Zazerkalye" project  - Apartment in Molochnyi Lane (the first place in the category "Residential Interior», XI Festival in "Dom na Brestskoy").

   "Gintaras" project - Winner in the category "Interior decoration" X International Festival of Architecture and Interior Design "Under the house’ roof”.

•   "Emptiness'' project

   "Bungalow'' project

•   "111'' project

   "Boat'' project

•   "Arch" project  -  Country house for one family (winner of the contest in the category "Residential Interior» VI International Festival Achitecture and Interior Design).

•   "Shefchik" project  -   Country house in Zhukovka (the second place in the category "Detail of the interior», VII Festival of Architecture and Interior Design "Under the house’ roof”).

•   "Grey'' project

•   The interior of INDISIGN salon - Winner in the category "Stand Design"

   "Rough White'' project - Country house (winner of Alphabet of cottage construction in the nomination "Implemented Object" in “Dom na Brestskoy”).

   The interior of  “Nazprombank'' - Winner in the “Best Public Interior» nomination IV Festival in “Dom na Brestskoy”.

   "Black'' project

•   The interior of Sergei Zverev salon