SONER realty - Strategic Consulting


Soner-realty, Moscow real estate agency provides services in Strategic Consulting in Russia and abroad: in CyprusSpain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, France, Montenegro.

Housing market of nowadays expects both from commercial and public organizations the ability to react fast on the problems produced by the time and business situations. The analysis of the market and suggested for realization projects, planning and conception collaboration are fundamental services of real estate agency SONER realty in the context of strategic consulting, which above all is required for the formation of optimal market policy of different real estate objects.

SONER realty real estate agency services in the sphere of investment consulting:
•    The analysis of the market expediency of the project realization (the determination of the market potential) of the object;
•    Carrying out of the research of housing market, it’s concrete and adjacent segments and its tendencies;
•    The analysis of customer behavior on the housing market;
•    The analysis of real estate object according to a designed and coordinated criteria;
•    The analysis of the most effective way of using real estate object;
•    Conception project development;
•    Working out of the requirement specification for projection;
•    Financial analysis of the project;
•   Working out of business plan of the project;
•    Working out and realization of marketing procedures concerning output of the real estate object on the market;
•    Planning of control policy of the assets in the sphere of real estate
•    Express-analysis of the project