SONER realty provides an entire spectrum of services: purchase, sale and lease of residential and commercial property in Russia and abroad, legal, investment and strategic consulting, project development and realization, object management in the sphere of Russian and foreign real estate.

SONER realty services:
•  The searching for buyers of Moscow, the Moscow Area, commercial real estate and subsequent support of the transaction.
•  The searching for propositions to buy residential and commercial property Moscow, the Moscow Area  and abroad: Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, CroatiaMontenegro. To the clients would be presented a splendid real estate database, which will help those, who want to buy a room or an apartments and those, who are interested in luxury houses. Our database contains offers both of secondary and new real estate. SONER realty experts know everything about real estate in the Moscow Area and in the Metropolis, as well as in the most popular countries for investment in foreign real estate.
•  The searching for leasers of an apartments, country real estate, commercial real estate. Qualified brokers and lawyers of real estate agency SONER realty will help to lease your object to the most responsible leaser and make a rent agreement in accordance with the present legislation.
•  The searching for proposals of leasing of an apartments, country real estate, commercial real estate. The ones, who want to lease lodging in Moscow and the Moscow area, would be given a splendid database of proposals of city and country real estate, which contains both inexpensive and luxury variants.

•  City Real Estate
•  Country Real Estate
•  Commercial Real Estate
•  Land Plots
•  Real Estate for Rent
•  Real Estate Abroad

Extended real estate services

•  Real estate appraisa
•  Legal support
•  Investment Consulting
•  Strategic Consulting
•  Legal services
•  Selecting a mortgage program
•  Development
•  Research
•  Property management
•  Public registration transaction support
•  Support in privatization of residential property
•  Inheritance registration
•  Establishing  documents recovery
•  Replanning of the apartments
•  Transfer of the placement from residential into uninhabited fund
•  Concordance of the separate entrance into the placement