SONER realty provides services in buying, selling and renting of commercial, city and country property in Finland. We provide the support and care about the search, examination and acquisition of an object and maintenance services. Partnerships with financial, project and construction companies can provide credit services for the buyer and restoration cervices of an object.

The algorithm of purchasing a real estate in Finland


Among buyers of Finland property, there are many Swedes, Germans, Dutch and, of course, Russians. With an established business and cultural ties between Finland and Russia, each year hundreds of Russian citizens are leaving to Finland for working, studying or having leisure. Many of them subsequently become owners of real estate. In Finland it is very favorable let on lease detached houses in a traditional holiday cottage (near the lakes and ski resorts), apartments in major cities, as well as to acquire commercial property with a purpose to resale or lease. 

Homes in eastern and southern Finland are in the great demand among Russian tourists, in the vicinity of cities such as Imatra, Mikkeli, Sulkava, Puumala, Lappeenranta. Solitary homes are purchasing in the 150-200 km from the border, for example, in Lahti and Saavonlinne. In general, prices are lower here than in the border areas. North of the country, especially Lapland also attracts the buyers’ attention. Not far from the Russian-Finnish border, near the cities of Kotka and Hamina, apartments are very popular: the square meters here are relatively cheap. In Helsinki, Finland real estate is more expensive, so the buyers’ demand is lower. A similar picture is in Espoo, Vantaa (satellite city of Helsinki) and in major cities - Turku and Tampere. High prices, compared with other regions of the country, are good for those who buy property here for subsequent lease.

_1_~1.JPGAt the Finnish real estate market there are not only new homes but also houses built in the middle of last century and preserved by high-quality materials and good care. You can find homes for sale, which is 100 or even 150 years. Their historical value may also attract some buyers. Flats and apartments are mostly offered in large cities. It is also necessary to note the emergence of trends in the construction of the "Russian" cottage villages, where the quality of land plots is often much better than those, which are buying by Finns. Real estate prices in Finland depend mainly on the locality. In general, the highest number of transactions in the country takes place in Helsinki and the satellite city of Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniaynene (so-called Greater Helsinki), the prices here in half times higher than the national average and in two times - than in provincial cities. Finns often leave the small towns for the more developed south of the country, Helsinki, Turku, Tampere. Finnish province becomes a place for foreigners to live. 


finlandhelsinki.jpgSurprisingly, the economic crisis has a positive impact on the real estate market in Finland in relation to the buyers. Since autumn 2008, property prices in Helsinki fell down by 5%, and in areas remote from major cities to 15-20%. In addition, the state mortgage rates reduced from 5.3% to 3%. And to get a loan at 3% per annum is possible even for Russians. Under current law, foreigners have the right to acquire real estate in Finland (houses, apartments, land, commercial facilities) with registration as a physical and a legal entity. The only exception is the objects on the Aland Islands: their acquisition requires approval from the Finnish Government. However, offers of real estate in the Finnish autonomy are rare. The cost of maintenance of real estate in Finland consists of two indicators: the annual property tax and utility payments. However, since these figures depend on the location, area, home or apartment, then the final cost of the content varies. Often, the contents of identical houses in the neighboring districts or cities may differ at times due to the fact that the rate of annual taxes in there varies considerably. It depends on the cadastral value of land where the house is, and each year the taxes are determined by the local municipality. Therefore, when buying a home in Finland it is recommended to pre-check with a realtor the set of local authorities annual property tax for the area.

flnd1.jpgDepending on the region and the area the annual property tax in Finland is from 0,3 to 1% of estimated (cadastral) value of the object. It is usually much lower than the market. For permanent residents, the tax rate is reduced by half and makes 0,15-0,5% of the appraised value. If you possess the land plot for construction, then, until the construction is completed, the land tax is 1-3% of the same land value area. Upon completion of construction is necessary to pay local standard setting tax - both for land and for the building, located on its territory.





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