SONER realty offers a full range of services in the real estate market in India. Strong partnerships with the leading developers of the Indian sector, regional banks and the design and architectural studios allow us to offer the highest level service, client's wishes oriented. We provide help and assistance in the sale, purchase and lease of commercial, urban and country real estate across India. SONER realty has a branch in New Delhi.


The algorithm of purchasing a real estate in India


17.jpgIn 2005, the Indian government has decided that foreigners can buy for the private ownership property, located in several different states of India. Since then, the real estate market in India from an exotic segment has became a dynamic, rapidly developing area, which receives an significant annual investment and affects not only the similar markets in the Asia region, but also European real estate sector. A special feature of India's real estate is a mix of high-level construction, quality materials and relatively cheap labor, which allows developers without losing a level of quality, to reduce prices to a level much lower than in Europe. In recent years, India offers buyers and investors a wide range of properties - ranging from urban housing in apartment complexes to luxury villas on the shores of the Indian Ocean. There is the greatest demand for various residential buildings in the major centers in the country - Delhi, Mumbai, New Delhi. Goa has remained the favorite in the field of resort real estate, traditionally - one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, offering significant opportunities for the development of tourist and hotel objects.



555.jpgMore recently, Ayurvedic resorts has became more and more popular, most of which are located in Kerala. A powerful healing effect achieved through the rigorous daily schedule, diet and yoga and massage, complemented by unforgettable impressions of the local landscape - the beauty of coconut beaches and exotic nature of India is difficult to overestimate. Property located close to these resorts, usually refers to an elite segment.
mumbai_jpg_400x1000_q95.jpgAs an object of investment, India is primarily attractive by presence of capacious growing market, skilled personnel, the bulk material and human resources, the simplified procedures of real estate purchase and the overall strengthening and increasing of the economy.
Under Indian law, real estate in India can be acquired by foreign natural or legal person. The document of ownership transferring and certificate of real property shall be certified by a notary. Before the transaction the certificate from the register of the object encumbrances lack should be produce to the notary, in other words – it is the demonstration of its "purity". This identity are reflected the presence or absence of the mortgage on the Indian real estate, the right to use the object of others, a ban on the sale, open cases, etc. It also confirms that the object belongs to the concrete individual. The estimation of property - an object of the transaction, is executed by territorial tax authority.
Cost of living in India is very low. $ 400-500 - subsistence amount for a family of three, while it includes all the expenses for home, as well as the price of the India tours – since this country is rich in historical, architectural and religious sites.