SONER realty provides services in buying, selling and renting of commercial, city and country property in the Netherlands. We provide essential support and care about the search, examination, acquisition of an object and maintenance services. Our partnership with financial, project and construction companies can provide credit services for the buyer and restoration cervices of an object.


The algorithm of purchasing a real estate in  in Netherlands


niderlandi.jpgThe largest number of proposals for urban real estate in the Netherlands is concerning the largest cities of this country - Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht. Currently, the average value of residential property in the Netherlands is approximately 229 thousand euros. 


Until recently, the Netherlands, grew up in real estate value. For property-leasing the average profit to the owner reaches the following grades:

Houses and apartments - 12% (of total property value per year);

Office - 8-10%

Stores and shopping centers - 8-9% 

Industrial buildings - 9-11%

r_p_d4b598215b7cf06f39d6c0a61f383dc9.jpgThe Netherlands is an excellent choice for investors who intend to open a business. The Netherlands is a popular tourist destination that will provide income of all private businesses that rely on foreign tourists as a target audience. In addition, The Hague and Amsterdam are big business and political centers, with a constant demand for office spaces and commercial areas. In the Netherlands, the property tax levied on individuals, whether resident or not, having certain types of assets in the Netherlands. The object of taxation is the cost of owned the property; the subject is the owner and user of the property. Tax rates are determined by local authorities. Revenue from the sale of individual properties in the Netherlands is not taxed.