Buying real estate in Turkey:
No visa inquired for the majority of foreigners.
Locals are friendly and open and you neighbors will be from Europe.
High living standards and developed infrastructure.
In public places there is staff speaking foreign languages
Perfect matching of quality and prices
Quick and simple procedure of receiving residence permit
Rather cheap flight tickets
There is good climate in Turkey. Warm sea, beaches, fresh fruits and vegetables all year round
"Saklikent" - popular skiing resort situated just 50 km away from Alanya

Purchase in Turkey is profitable investment in the future
1. Turkey is one of the most perspective countries with developing economy. Turkey was sixth in 2005 on its rate of GDP growth.
2. Investments in Turkish real estate market are very prominent (After passing Mortgage Landing law in 2007 the level of prices on property is constantly growing).
3. Good pricing policy (growing real estate prices and profitability give constant income 25/30% from apartment price).

You can by, rent or sell your property in Turkey. This way you will have additional income and will be able to cover some permanent costs. 

Buying property in Turkey for foreigners
In this case the principle of reciprocity enters in force. According to the Article 35 in Property Law numbered 2644 and in the new regulation Article 19 of Law numbered 4916 from 03/07/2003 foreign citizens are authorized to buy property in Turkey taking into account all the restrictions indicated in this law and the principle of reciprocity. This principle means that the rights given by a foreign country to its own citizens or trade companies having legal personality and established according to its own laws should also be given to citizens and trade companies of the Republic of Turkey.

State land cadastre
After signing the contract our company prepares all necessary papers and sends them to Military Department in Izmir. The last one checks whether the object is situated in a military zone or not. The check can last up to 3 months. As soon as The Land Cadastre gets the answer from Military department the property transmission will be permitted within one working day.
At the same time primary residence permit is made on the name of buyer. It is necessary to get TAPU for first 6 months (for some foreign citizens primary residence is not necessary). After these procedures you can move to your new home and wait all the papers.

A TAPU is an official document which shows you have ownership rights over the real estate. Description and location of property, date of purchase, land share and price (this is used to count annual property tax and insurance amount) are indicated there. TAPU is the only document that ensures transfer of ownership and personal ownership rights. All information about your property (former owners, debts, disputes and etc.) you can get in State Land Department.

Required papers
1. Certificate of income for the last year from the place of residence
2. Reference from place of work
3. Personal bank account certificate for the last three months
4. Private property list confirmed by all necessary papers
5. Credit history
6. Copy of any water, electricity bill

While buying real estate in Turkey foreign citizens must follow next law restrictions:

1. Regulations of Law about Military Forbidden Zones and Security Zones Law numbered 2565. It is not possible to sell, transfer and rent real estate located within military forbidden zones and security zones, to foreign real and legal persons.
2. Foreign citizen can have only one real estate property, which is registered in Land Registry Office as the property for commercial purposes (offices, hotels, factories) or can be used in these terms according to architecture plans.
3. Area restrictions. According to the article 35 of the Land Registry Law numbered 2644, foreign persons cannot acquire real estate more than 2,5 hectares in Turkey, however for acquisition up to thirty hectares, decision of the Council of Ministers is required. Legal inheritance is exception of this rule.

The prices for real estate in Turkey
It depends on many factors. Location, sea proximity (the closer to the sea the more expensive it is), floor (the higher floor the higher price), window view, orientation towards the north or to the south. That's why sometimes equal in total area flats differ in prices.

Credit conditions
Nowadays it is possible to buy real estate in Turkey using mortgage. The largest mortgage amount is 60% from total sum. It can be given either in foreign currency at 5.76% annual interest on the period of 5-10 years. The borrower's age must be between 25 and 70 years.
You also have to pay credit expenses in the amount of 2% from credit sum.
In case of advanced repayment you have to pay 2% fee from the amount left.

If you decided to by real estate object you will sign contract of sale. You make first payment. Its size is discussed in each case. Usually it varies from 5% to 50% from total cost.
After signing the contract you get all rights on this property and the contract prevents possible sale of your property to other clients. In contract owner and buyer, first payment amount, payment schedule of the amount left and additional conditions of the deal are indicated.

Expenses of a property owner
Real estate tax, water, gas, electricity and living complex maintain fees.

To buy real estate in Turkey you need your passport valid for not less than 6 month.
All other papers are made in Turkey.