SONER realty provides services in buying, selling and renting of commercial, city and country property in the UAE. We provide essential support and care about the search, examination, acquisition of an object and maintenance services. Our partnership with financial, project and construction companies can provide credit services for the buyer and restoration cervices of an object.


The algorithm of purchasing real estate in UAE


7897.jpgAmong all the emirates in the UAE, Dubai became the first one which opened the access to its real estate to foreign investors, allowing in 2003 to buy local property and land. Three years later, all the other emirates issued similar laws, have made the UAE one of the most popular countries for investing in real estate.


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There are a great number of the reasons to buy property in the UAE. For the end customer this is first and foremost an excellent climate, high levels of social, economic and political stability, modern infrastructure development. For investors, the UAE property allows to receive a stable 10-12% of annual income from rents of, high quality new facilities, handed over on a turnkey basis, and affordable prices. The absence of a list of taxes that affect both physical and legal persons is a distinctive feature of the UAE, which is taking into account by people wishing to purchase property in this country. This does not mean that taxation is absent totally - for example, there is a tax that should be paid upon registration of property. However, items such as annual estate tax, property tax, VAT, with living quarters, profits from the sale, and many others are simply absent. 

Dubai is the traditional choice for those who prefer to live in the heart of the country. It is the undisputed leader among the emirates of the number of ambitious and expensive projects in real estate. Investing in Dubai facility is a logical and deliberate step forward for many investors seeking to create their own site next to the legendary buildings of this emirate. The Emirate of Ajman is known for its beautiful environment that attracts wishing to purchase residential property for a seasonal residence and renting. All of UAE have an excellent infrastructure, growing by increasing influx of tourists and businessmen, and are of good transport connections. 

Citizenship in the UAE is transmitted exclusively by inheritance. Getting him a foreigner or even a child, one of whose parents is a foreigner, is impossible. However, when buying property in Dubai, the owner becomes the owner of the so-called resident visa (residence permit). It gives him the right to unrestricted travel and entry for the visa holder, his spouse and children under 18 years. Resident visa is issued for a period of 3 years, its further extension should be paid. 


You can buy a property in the UAE in one of the companies licensed to such sale. Even when buying real estate in the secondary market, it is necessary to verify the legal status of the primary sources: national legislation of the state provides the land exclusively endorsed by and awarded the right to business companies, which can then sell the lands to foreign investors.

In the UAE is also possible to purchase property on credit, banks rates are low enough, about 5,5-6% per annum. The key can be a property or the initial payment fee. The only document required for filing an application for credit, is a passport.


8900.jpgThe global financial crisis has undoubtedly had its impact on the UAE real estate; developers offer, unprecedented in its profitability, bonuses to potential buyers and owners of real estate in the Emirates. A striking example of new trends in the style of work with the client is the action of a consortium of Pearl Dubai FZ LLC - a company that is building on the base of the famous Palm Jumeirah, a residential complex of Dubai Pearl. Now, new discounts and events affecting the reduction of the cost of housing in the complex, provided not only for new customers, but also for those who have already signed a contract and began paying the cost of the object.

This proposal is as unique as complex Dubai Pearl, which is a huge closed system, which offers to its residents everything necessary for a comfortable stay and a successful business. Square 20.2 million square feet, the complex is designed for permanent residence of 9,000 people and the work of 12 000 office workers. Dubai Pearl offers luxurious apartments, modern offices, commercial areas - all these is in a perfect performance of the leading designers and architects in the world, whose efforts has made the complex not only a genuine pearl center of Dubai, but also a truly elite properties, interesting for both the final owners, and for investors.